A jury is a group of people who have been selected to observe a trial in a court of law. A jury may be called for either a criminal or a civil trial. They decide together if an accused person is guilty of the charges against them, or if a specific claim has been proven.

The role of a juror is important because your unbiased opinion is critical to the accused receiving a fair trial.

You do not need to know anything about the law to serve on a jury. The judge will explain the law and any legal terms used to help you fairly consider the matter being heard in court.

In a criminal trial, the jury decides if a person charged with committing a crime is guilty or not guilty.

In a civil trial, a jury can be asked to determine:

  • If anyone is at fault in a situation
  • To what degree a person is at fault

You must respond to a jury summons – even if you feel you’re not qualified or want to seek an exemption.