This is the administration side for criminal matters.
The Bill C-57 amendments did away with the two-tier trial court system, modified the appellate court operations and, implicitly, encouraged an expanded role for justices of the peace.
The Nunavut Court of Justice, as a superior court, is responsible for all criminal, civil and family law matters. It is also the youth court for Nunavut and it is responsible for applications for prerogative writs against decisions of justices of the peace and other subordinate decision-makers.
Both the civil and criminal administrates the following courts.
    • Nunavut Court of Appeal: Hears all appeals from NUCJ
    • Nunavut Court of Justice: Combines the Supreme and Territorial Courts. It hears all criminal matters both adult and youth, civil, family matters, appeals of summary conviction matters, federal and territorial offences.
    • Justice of the Peace Court: Hears all summary offences and minor criminal matters i.e. common assaults.
    • Municipal Enforcement Court (by-Law): Summary Offence Trafficking Information Tickets (SOTI's). Hears trafficking tickets issued by the Municipal Enforcement of Iqaluit.