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*           Important points to remember: Consent of other parties; write down the name on the Birth Certificate; write down full names.

*           We need a COPY of your Birth Certificate and/or a Copy of your Baptismal Certificate and two certified copies of other identification. Two identifications could be Health Care Card, SIN card, Driver’s License, NTI enrollment Card or FAC etc.

*           Filing fee of $10.00 is required; we accept cheque or money order written out to: Nunavut Court of Justice.

Each applicant has to complete a separate form.

If the Applicant is 19 years of age or older OR if the Applicant is under 19 and married, the Applicant must complete the form on his or her own behalf using:


On the Style of Cause, you would write down the name on the Birth Certificate. The Style of Cause is where it states ‘AND IN THE MATTER of the Application of:’.

The applicant would also use the name on the Birth Certificate on where it states ‘I,’ and on number 1.

The applicant writes down the ‘new’ name where it states ‘I am applying to change my name to’.

Number 2 is where the applicant lives.

For number 3, the applicant has to have lived in Nunavut for a year or over.

Number 4 is where the person was born and when.

Number 5 is the legal father’s name of the applicant and number 6 is the legal mother’s name, including maiden name of the mothers’ of the applicant.

Number 7 is the marital Status of the applicant. If applicant is married then the Consent Form needs to be signed by applicant’s spouse.

Number 8 through 11 is when the applicant married.

Number 12 is the job title of the applicant.

Number 13 (a) means if you have any civil or criminal actions pending against you. 13 (b) is if there are any mortgages, liens or other loans you have.

Number 14 is if the applicant has changed their names before including if they changed their last names when they married.

Number 15 is important. The applicant needs the consent of spouse if they are in a common-law relationship or if they are married; if the applicant is the mother/father for their child, they need the child’s consent if s/he is over the age of 12; if the applicant is applying for a child’s name change, they need the consent of their legal father or mother, and if applicable, the step parent. If the applicant could not obtain the consent of people which need to consent, state the reasons why they did not obtain their consent.

On number 16, the applicant would write down the name on the Birth Certificate (including their last names), the ‘new’ name underneath and the reason why they would like to have their name changed.

Number 17 is if the other spouse or their children are going to change their names too. The application should be signed by the applicant with the name they have now (same name as birth certificate) in front of a Commissioner For Oaths/ or Notary Public in and for the Nunavut Territory.

If the Applicant is under 19 and unmarried, a parent should apply on his or her behalf using:



The Style of Cause, the applicant would write the names of the child(ren) that is/are stated on the Birth Certificate.

The parent would be the one applying, so therefore, on the ‘I,                       ‘, the name of the parent would go there (the applicant).

The name on the Birth Certificate would go to ‘I am applying to change the name of                   ‘.   Underneath that line, the relationship would be written down and underneath that line, the new name that is being changed to.

Number 1, again, the name on the Birth Certificate would be written down.

The child’s address on number 2, on number 3, if the child has lived in Nunavut less than one year, the applicant would have to wait until they have lived in Nunavut at least one year.

On number 4, where the child was born in and the date.

Number 5, the child’s legal father’s name and number 6 the child’s legal mother’s name is required.

On number 7, the marital status of the child.

Number 8, if there are any civil or criminal actions pending agains the child.

Number 9 if the child has changed his name before, including if the parents married.

Number 10, the applicant would write down the full name of the child that is being changed from and to and state the reason why they are applying to have their name changed.

On number 11 (a), it is important because you need the consent of the legal father and mother, and if applicable, the step parent of the child. You need the consent of the child if the child is over 12 years of age and the applicant’s spouse.   On number 11 (b), it is when the consent of either above people, if applicable, was not obtain and the reason why it was not obtained.

On number 12, the applicant would write yes if there are any more children that they would like to change and no if there are no more children that need to have their names changed.

Number 13, the applicant (parent) would sign the document in front of a Commission for Oath / Notary Public in and for the Nunavut Territory.


 If there are several children who have the same parents and who reside at the same address use:


NOTE: Attach FORM 3 to Form 2. 

NOTE: If any of the children have different parents or reside at different addresses, then separate forms (Form 2) must be used for each of these children.




Consent Form(s) (download below)

1.   Who must provide consent to the change of an adult's name? 

An applicant who is married and who has not lived separate and apart from his or her spouse for more than one year must:

  1. Obtain consent from the other spouse OR
  2. Give notice of the application to the other spouse.

2.   Who must provide consent to the change of a child's name? 


    1. If the child is 12 years or older, the child must give his or her consent. 


    2. Both parents of the child must provide consent unless:

               (i)  One parent does not have custody or share custody of the child and is not contributing to the support of the child, OR

(ii) One parent does not have custody or share custody of the child and has severed his or her relationship with the child.


  c.  If the parent has a spouse who is not a parent of the child and the change includes the name of the spouse, the spouse must provide consent.

When consent cannot be obtained, a reason should be specified






 These forms are PDF fillable forms. You may fill them out online, print and sign.  You can also phone the court to request copies of the forms (867) 975-6100. Or EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.