What is a Justice of the Peace?

Justices of the Peace (JPs) are lay people, working and living in the community where they sit, performing a variety of judicial and quasi-judicial functions. Justices of the Peace often carry out these duties on a part-time basis. They generally preside over summary conviction matters arising out of territorial statutes, municipal by-laws, and selected criminal matters. They regularly conduct first appearance and bail hearings. They issue warrants and summonses. They also carry out various public functions such as conducting marriage ceremonies.

Nunavut has two full-time Justices of the Peace. The Senior JP manages the JP program as well as hearing matters before the Justice of the Peace court. The Family Abuse Intervention Act or FAIA JP who is responsible for the administration of this Act and hearing matters under the Act.

The legal authority for the Justices of the Peace are as follows:

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Consolidation Of Judicature Act, S.N.W.T. 1998, c.34, s.1

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