The Nunavut Justice Centre is committed to the safety of the public and justice stakeholders.

General Reminders

  • Any person attending the courthouse is required to follow the directions of the judicial officers and sheriffs.
  • Failure to comply with safety measures may result in removal from the court facility.
  • Adjustments to the health and safety protocols are subject to change based on updated directions from the Chief Public Health Officer and judicial direction.

The following Health & Safety Protocols are in place:

Enhancing Screening

  • If you are sick, please follow the directions of the Chief Public Health Officer
  • All persons should enter a courthouse via the door as directed by the sheriffs.
  • Those entering may be subject to a verbal screening process that includes answering specific questions regarding health and travel
  • Access to the courthouse may be delayed or restricted at the discretion of the sheriff and/or direction of the judge based on health and safety considerations
  • If you are wearing a face mask/covering, sheriffs may direct you to lower the covering to confirm your identity
  • Court attendees are to maintain 2 m of physical distance during the screening process
  • Food and beverages are still not permitted in the courtroom. Counsel, parties, witnesses, and interpreters may bring water in clear plastic bottles up to one litre

Physical Distancing

  • Maintain 2 m between yourself and others
  • Follow the floor arrows to maintain traffic in the building, including stairwells
  • Limit elevator use to one or two people at a time (depending on specific court location)
  • When standing in line, wait your turn and stand on the designated floor markings
  • Comply with washroom occupancy signage and signage for handwashing practices
  • If physical distancing or protective barrier cannot be achieved, wear face mask/covering
  • Follow the direction of the sheriffs

Hand Hygiene

  • Hands must be sanitized upon entry of a courthouse or courtroom
  • Hands should be washed or sanitized often, including after using the restroom, after blowing one’s nose or sneezing and after contact with frequently touched surfaces
  • Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the building for your convenience. Within the courtrooms, hand sanitizer is provided at the judicial bench, counsel tables, the witness stand and the clerk’s desk
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth

Enhanced Cleaning

  • Frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces including elevator buttons, doorknobs/handles and handrails, countertop, and gallery seating
  • Frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces in washroom touchpoints, such as countertops, door handles, washroom stall locks, flushing mechanisms
  • There will be enhanced touchpoint cleaning and disinfecting of the courthouse at the end of each day


  • Signage regarding circulation, personal hygiene and handwashing practices are posted throughout the building
  • Signage regarding elevator etiquette, physical distancing, and personal hygiene throughout the building.
  • Signage regarding safely reopening, physical distancing, and personal hygiene throughout the building.